Western Association Co-Hospitaller Michael Psomas, KM visited the Phoenix Location this past weekend to see one of their TRIPLE-PLAY WORKS in motion.

"We are honored that he came to Phoenix this weekend." exclaimed BOOTs! Brian Bouterie, PROV2022. "He was able to see us in action with a "Triple Play!"

The Phoenix Location "Triple Play" consists of: Order of Malta Mobile Ministries Van, Order of Malta Wellness Kits, and Communion Service to the Shut-In lords at Suncrest Healthcare in south valley.

David Park, KM was able to provide Mike with an overview of the activities they provide to the community in the Valley of Phoenix, and the WA Hospitaller wanted to witness their Communion Senior Service first-hand.

They began the day with Mass at the Crosier Village. Fr. Stephan Bauer, OSC blessed the members and sent them forth with the Blessed Sacrament.

After their dismissal, they gathered as an Order and prayed a decade of the Rosary to prepare themselves for the activities planned for the morning.

When they arrived to Suncrest Healthcare, they were welcomed by the staff and approximately 2 dozen residents who had been looking forward to being fed spiritually by the words of Scripture and to be nourished with the Holy Eucharist.

All residents were invited, of course, regardless of his or her own faith affiliation. Gilbert Burgos, KM helped evangelize and reported that one of the attendees asked about the Catholic faith and how he can be baptized.

Mike Psomas KM WA Hospitaller said:

"It is my plan to visit each of the locations in the Western Association to witness our works in action."

Donuts and coffee were also served!