Moloka’i Pilgrimage

Kalaupapa is a sacred and historic settlement separated from the rest of Moloka’i island by 3,000 foot high cliffs that tower above. For those who were exiled there on account of leprosy, it was a prison until death.

Saint Damien and Saint Marianne served victims of Hansen’s Disease in this village, which has been carefully preserved. It is a living tribute to the memory of the thousands who were banished and then suffered in exile until death.

This retreat for caregivers takes place on the island of Oahu at St. Anthony’s Retreat Center and includes:

  • a full-day guided tour of Kalaupapa and Kalawao,
  • Mass at St. Philomena Church,
  • visit to St. Damien’s and St. Marianne’s graves,
  • visit to Papaloa Cemetery,
  • visit to St. Elizabeth Chapel & Convent,
  • visit to St. Francis Church,
  • visit to Visitors’ Quarters,
  • visit to Bayview Home, and
  • visit to Waihanau Valley.

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