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This original blog series is for those who wish to learn more about the Order of Malta and its rich, 900-year history.

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Grand Master Gregorio Carafa della Roccella
27 Sep 2023| Grand Masters of the Order

Carafa was the first General of the Galleys to receive the title "Excellency". He was the first Italian knight to be elected Grand Master in over a century. He led […]

Grand Master Nicolás Cotoner y de Oleza
30 Aug 2023| Grand Masters of the Order

Nicolas Cotoner succeeded his brother, Rafael Cotoner, as Grand Master. He strengthened Malta's defenses by constructing the Cottonera Lines fortifications and Fort Ricasoli. He introduced windmills to Malta, generating revenue […]

Grand Master Rafael Cotoner Y De Oleza
02 Aug 2023| Grand Masters of the Order

Rafael Cotoner joined the Order of Malta at just seven years old in the Langue of Aragon. He expanded the Old Ward of the Sacra Infermeria by 500 feet during […]

Grand Master Annet de Clermont de Chattes-Gessan
05 Jul 2023| Grand Masters of the Order

Grand Master de Clermont descended from the distinguished Clermont-Tonnerre family, defenders of the Holy See. The Clermont-Tonnerre family was granted the honor of incorporating the apostolic keys into their coat […]

Grand Master Martin de Redin y Cruzat
07 Jun 2023| Grand Masters of the Order

Grand Master de Redín’s election marked a shift in the Order’s leadership toward  primarily Spanish and Portuguese influence. He prioritized reinforcing the defenses of Malta and built 14 watchtowers, strengthened […]

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