This week the San Francisco Location began a new era with the maiden voyage of their first Order of Malta Mobile Ministries van. The van will allow the San Francisco Members to better serve the poor and the sick in San Francisco and Marin counties. The van will facilitate the delivery of the hygiene kits that are assembled by the San Francisco Members.

Under the leadership of Tim Crudo, KM, hygiene kits were picked up at St. Patrick’s Seminary for distribution to some of Western Association's partner charities for the maiden voyage of the van. Knights and Dames utilized every inch of space in the van for the bags before heading out to make deliveries.

To date, the San Francisco Location has spent thousands of hours, and has had more than 200 volunteers, including Knights, Dames, Auxiliary, families, friends, priests, chaplains, seminarians, and their families, building several thousand individual hygiene kits. These kits are actively being delivered to over 40 partner charities around the bay area!