On August 4th, the city center of Beirut, Lebanon suffered a massive explosion, killing 171, injuring more than 6,000, and leaving over 300,000 homeless. Multiple hospitals and clinics were destroyed or severely damaged.

The Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta sprang into action immediately, with over 200 members and volunteers canvassing the affected areas in search of victims and providing food, water, shelter and medical care to the homeless.

At the request of the Lebanese Association, the Western Association Board of Directors approved an emergency grant of $100,000 that already is at work to rebuild primary care centers that were destroyed in the blast and to provide immediate healthcare support.  As in the Western Association, the Lebanese Association is assembling and distributing personal hygiene kits to protect against the spread of the COVID-19 virus during the relief effort.

Without the generosity of last year’s donors to the Western Association Annual Appeal, the emergency grant would not have been possible.  Thanks to all of you, when our brothers and sisters in Beirut were in their hour of greatest need, the Western Association was able to help.

Please add your prayers to the prayers of all members of the Order around the world for peace and prosperity in Beirut and for a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus.

Michael Grace