The wine country wildfires are now contained but have resulted in loss of life, property, jobs and livelihoods and left thousands needing food, shelter and medicine.

When Lourdes Day 2017 was cancelled because of the poor air quality generated by the fires, we were able to donate the hundreds of boxed lunches to fire victims. We saw the great and immediate need and knew that we could rely our members to mobilize and respond.

Led by Mary and Joe Toboni, a group of members from the local area drew together to provide resources and labor, collecting and distributing the numerous generous donations to this cause.

Our first hand experience with the victims has lead us to consider a longer term focus on the undocumented families that are suffering most.  We will communicate further plans as they are developed.

Throughout last week, hundreds of people rallied to work, to donate and to pray. This served as confirmation of both the need and the ability we have to respond to this tragic situation in our own backyard, with our unique charism.  The majority of the donations have come from friends and relatives of the core team, communities outside our Order.  For many it was the first understanding of who we are as an Order.

Our Order has put in a great effort to useful affect so far!  Thanks one and all for your tremendous support and engagement.


Article by Laura Hosking