As the Prelate of the Sovereign Order of Malta, His Excellency Bishop Jean Laffitte is the ecclesiastic superior of the Order’s clergy.  He ensures that the religious and priestly life of the Chaplains and their apostolate are followed according to the discipline and spirit of the Order. He supports the Grand Master and the Grand Commander in supervising the religious life and devotion of the members of the Order and in any aspect related to the spiritual nature of the Order's initiatives.

On Thursday, October 26, Monsignor Laffitte visited the Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California, the Pope Francis Legal Clinic and concelebrated Mass with the Very Rev. George Mockel, Rev. Robert Christian, OP, and Rev. Francisco Javier Diaz Diaz, SJ, at The Cathedral of Christ the Light. Father Mockel's homily on the Gospel of Luke 12:49-53 reflects on the fire of the Gospel -- what it means to seek to know the Lord and be a follower of Jesus in these times, is accessible below. Lunch followed in the Parish Hall downstairs where members enjoyed Monsignor Laffitte's company and brief talk on our Order's spirituality -- the experience of serving our Lords the sick and the poor, especially our malades in Lourdes. Everyone present was touched by Monsignor Laffitte's humility, sensitivity, warmth and humor.

And yes, Monsignor Laffitte will be on the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes in May!