This past Saturday, Knights, Dames, and Provisional Members of the Phoenix Location participated in the Healing Mass at Our Lady of Joy parish in Carefree, Arizona.

This annual Mass coincided with the World day of the Sick, instituted by St. John Paull II. He encouraged all Catholics to join with our world family to pray for all the sick and those who suffer. As the pandemic enters its second year, the Phoenix members recognized the importance of praying for healing, especially in the setting of this special Mass.

After the homily, those who attended were anointed with holy oil for healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Included in this anointing were family members, caregivers, healthcare workers, and volunteers who serve the poor, infirmed, and suffering. One of the organizers, Steve Nelson, KM said:

It was a wonderful day and it deeply touched those who came for healing. Having this occur amidst the Covid-19 pandemic was particularly appropriate."

The members of the Western Association joined all participants in prayer and distributed one vial of Holy Water from Lourdes to each family after Mass.