One of the groups most negatively affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns is the elderly and vulnerable in nursing homes. Months without visits from loved ones causes loneliness, stress and difficulty for these people and the staff serving them.

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns, Knights and Dames in Phoenix regularly visited and prayed with the elderly, and brought them the Eucharist.  In March, however, nursing homes no longer allowed visitors.

Undaunted, these doers searched for a way to serve others, despite the restrictions.  Inspired by the success of the hygiene kit program in other areas of the Western Association, Phoenix members launched the program to help the local elderly population. In August, the Phoenix Knights, Dames, Provisional and Auxiliary members, and volunteers assembled and delivered more than 400 hygiene kits to these homes.

One local nursing home distributed the hygiene kits at a special gathering for their residents.  The love and interaction with others in their community, the joyful music, the tasty treats and the hygiene supplies tremendously boosted the morale of the lonely residents!

Inspired by the program’s success, the Phoenix Location plans to expand the program to answer the call of the needy populations in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.