These COVID times of Sheltering in Place would ordinarily seem to limit the San Francisco location’s opportunities to serve the poor and the sick.  Not so with the new hygiene kit assembly and distribution program.  In just their second outing, more than 50 socially-distancing members of the San Francisco Location managed to assemble just over 1000 kits, providing soap, socks, and sanitizers, along with eight or nine additional items for grooming, cleanliness and good health, to those in most need in their local communities.

Well over a dozen charities distributed the kits directly to the needy, in an effort organized by Charlotte Kiesel, and ably assisted by Khanh Hoang and Location President Anne Ryan.  “Participation is such a key ingredient” said Anne.

We have members from every county in our Location, and this effort is perfect for members who cannot, or choose not to volunteer away from the safety of their home.”

Charlotte believes the number of San Francisco charities requesting the hygiene kits will increase, but as the word spreads, so will the number of volunteers.  “Our goal is to assemble kits one Saturday each month,” she said.  A lofty goal, but one they hope to fulfill.