Despite 100-degree temperatures, our San Jose Knights and Dames recently went to downtown San Jose to help the many needy living on the streets. Whether it is hot or cold, the poor and the sick that the Order of Malta serves need help.

In addition to Hygiene Kits, our San Jose Members gave out additional sunscreen, bottled water, and sandwiches. In fact, our Dame who has been making hundreds of sandwiches, is now known as “The Sandwich Lady” around many of the homeless encampments. The San Jose Members also stopped by Martha’s Kitchen, a local charity to see if any of the needy visiting the kitchen needed any supplies.

Our San Jose Members were sad to find out that “Mary”, who lived on the sidewalk on the east side of Woz Way at the River, had died.

We are going to miss Mary and her million-dollar smile. She was ALWAYS a delight to talk to and always welcomed us warmly” – Tony Mirenda, KM

The San Jose Knights and Dames had gotten to know Mary through their many visits to her encampment. She was always thankful for the hygiene kits, jackets, but had been especially moved by the blanket she received with a letter from local Catholic school students as part of their Blanket Drive program. Our San Jose Members have been praying for the repose of her soul.