Last month, Knights and Dames of the San Jose Location partnered with the students from the St. Joseph School in Fremont to help bring care and comfort to the needy.

Jackets have continued to be a commonly requested item from our homeless population. Further, Members of the Western Association have noticed a significant need for blankets as they’ve gone around and distributed hygiene kits to the needy around San Jose. Knights, Dames, and volunteers were able to coordinate donations of new blankets from around the community.

The amazing students at St. Joseph School in Fremont created hand-written and decorated notes to accompany each blanket. Thanks to their efforts, all 110 blankets that were given out to the needy had a loving letter attached to them.

Everyone loved the blankets. One of the recipients of a blanket and letter had a rock in her left hand. After she read the note from the child, she was really touched and said that she wanted to give something back. So, she gave me the rock and asked that it be given to one of the children who wrote the notes.” - Vic Giacalone, KM

Members are going to mount the rock along with the story and give it to the school in appreciation for their hard work. Knights and Dames will present it all to the students during a morning Mass assembly within the next few months.

Members of the San Jose Location will look to continue this relationship with St. Joseph School, as well as establish new relationships with other local Catholic schools. The reactions from the homeless to the letters was profound. Receiving loving messages along with supplies to ease their suffering is an integral part of the Order of Malta’s mission to serve the needy and uphold the dignity of all people.