March 23rd 2024 - PHOENIX - The Order of Malta PHOENIX rallied her members and volunteers, over 100 of them, to build over 2,200 Wellness Kits in just over one hour!!!

"The beauty of the event is that it was a healthy mix of family bonding, competition and fellowship." BOOTs! Brian Bouterie exclaimed. "I liked that all were involved: from grandparents to grandkids."

The Order of Malta Wellness Kits have what our homeless lords need: soap, moisturizer, ChapStick, dental care, wet wipes, socks in addition to a prayer card and a Rosary!

"The prayer card and the Rosary is what elevates a hygiene kit to a Wellness Kit." stated BOOTs!

Timothy Jeffries, KM Chancellor of the Western Association also participated with his lovely wife, Mary Francis. He addressed to gathering and reflected that it was a "noble gesture that we work together for Mother Church and Jesus to serve our lords."

Embarking upon Holy Week, the location invited Fr. Hubert Kavusa OSC, Chaplain volunteer, to hear confessions and prepare our people to seek forgiveness and healing before Easter.

At the end of the works, abundant pizza was provided so that community ensued. "Working as a group and breaking bread together," said BOOTs! "is the surest and fastest way to build relationships."

Many young seekers may be exploring making their involvement with the Order more official as a result of this day!