The annual Christmas celebration at Catholic Charities John XXIII Center provides a sense of joy and generosity each year. This year, a small group of volunteers assembled and distributed gifts for low-income seniors, many of whom are unhoused and living in cars.

Instead of the traditional stockings, strong, reusable totes were purchased from Trader Joes and assembled by Knights and Dames. The 200 reusable totes contained a warm hat, gloves, socks, scarf, Christmas-themed face mask, cans of tuna and soup, fruit cup, fruit/veggie combo pouch, a cutie mandarin, a candy cane, and Hershey kisses.

The tote bags and some of the items were purchased with a gift from the Peters family in memory of Bob Peters, KM. A memorial card was created and included in the gift totes. An acknowledgment card for the Order of Malta was also included.

The Mobile Ministry van was on-site to distribute hygiene kits which included enhanced items for the winter weather – a hooded rain poncho, a head, neck and face sleeve and knit gloves.

This expanded Christmas celebration benefited so many in need at John XXIII Center in downtown San Jose.