This month, there will be a mini-series on EWTN featuring Dr. Vincent Nguyen, KM, a Member of the Orange Location. Dr. Vincent Nguyen, D.O. and EWTN's James Day anchor this five-part mini-series of how Catholic health care in end-of-life and palliative care stages uphold the dignity and sanctity of human life. Based on the Caring for the Whole Person Initiative (CWPI) implemented by the Bishops of California and Catholic health leaders, CWPI serves as a guide for the series in two ways: first, to explore the theological and spiritual themes of a happy death; second, to cover health care choices for families as they prepare in the event a loved one is unable to speak for themselves. It aims to offer an alternative to what the Institute of Medicine found in a 2014 study: that the spiritual, medical, and emotional needs for gravely ill people are largely unmet. Features guests interviews with physicians, health care professionals, pastoral counselors, and witness testimonials.

You can read more about this series via the National Catholic Register HERE.

Debuts on EWTN June 14-18 2:30pm PST and re-air 11:30pm PST

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