Each year in February, millions of faithful Catholics from around the world seek to experience a small piece of Lourdes through the blessings of the World Day of the Sick Healing Mass.  Restrictions from COVID delayed this year’s event in Phoenix, and Bishop Thomas Olmsted instead celebrated the Mass on Saturday, May 22, for over 500 attendees at St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.  EWTN, YouTube, and other social channels carried the event live, for an estimated one million television and online viewers.  Tim Jeffries, the Leader of the Phoenix Location, teamed up with Catholic convert and evangelist, Steve Ray, to host the event.

During his homily, Bishop Olmsted spoke about Saint Damian and his ministry to the lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai.  Regarding healing and prayers, he stated,

The Lord brings healing to mind, body, and soul, whichever healing best renews the hope and the trust of each person… If the Lord does not give us the physical healing we seek, he will give us something better than that.  He always answers our prayers. He knows what we need, more than we do.”

During the event, the Western Association received almost 3,000 special prayer requests emailed to Praywithmalta.com, from people around the globe, including six continents.  Phoenix Location Members will personally deliver each prayer request to the healing waters of the grotto in Lourdes.

After the Mass, Members handed out small bottles of Lourdes water to attendees as they made their way to the second annual Catholic Fair, held in the church hall, featuring 20 different Catholic charitable and service organizations (e.g. Augustine Institute, Catholic Education Arizona, FOCUS, Franciscan Renewal Center, Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation, Malteser International, Napa Legal Institute, Relevant Radio, Saint Vincent de Paul, Vatican Observatory and Young Catholic Professionals).

God willing, small and large miracles of healing will continue to unfold,” concluded Tim Jeffries.

Thanks to the faithful prayers of the Members of the entire Western Association, the 2021 Phoenix World Day of the Sick was a huge success!

Please enjoy the YouTube video of the global broadcast: