On March 31, 2022, Anne Swinford, DM and Harriet Oexmann, DM met with Bishop William F.Medley and Susan Montalvo-Gesser,JD,Director of Catholic Charities from the Diocese of Owensboro,Kentucky.

At this meeting they presented a generous donation for the Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund for Catholic Charities of the Diocese from the Order of Malta Western Association.  Bishop Medley discussed how grateful he was for the donation and spoke about how Catholic Charities is helping provide housing and basic life
needs to the people effected by the tornado.

He discussed also how the entire Diocese had been effected by the tornado and not just Mayfield,Kentucky which was directly hit by the storm. Two Catholic Churches were totally destroyed and Catholic Charities and the Diocese are in the process of rebuilding them. In addition,100 homes will be rebuilt this year and 400 more over the next 5 years!!! This also was an opportunity to educate the Bishop on the Order of Malta and our mission to care for the poor and the sick.