Knights, Dames, Provisionals, Auxiliary, and family members gathered at Mt. Claret Retreat Center to assemble Order of Malta Wellness Kits for the lords in and around the Valley of the Sun.  Some 300 souls shall be served!  Those present from left to right were BOOTs! PROV22, Patrick Phillips PROV22, Patrick Phillips Jr VOL, Patricia Phillips PROV22, Gilberto Burgos KM, Dlear Kosa AUX, David Park KM, Araceli Villa-Burgos VOL and her son, Mattias VOL!

The Order of Malta Wellness Kits are packages for the body, mind and spirit. They contain hygiene items, like toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm; plus a prayer card for their edification. - Boots

Phoenix Location 03/21/2022 - The Western Association Summit was held at the Phoenix Location this week.  After Mass and meetings, a reception was held at the home of our Chancellor, Timothy Jeffries. Knights and Dames of leadership were present including WA President, Ken Olsen. The Crosier Priests and Brothers entertained those in attendance with a few numbers of Lenten Hymns.