A team of members found their way to the March for Life during the week along with thousands and thousands of peaceful supporters of the gift of life.

"I am astounded that so many Life-Loving Souls found their way to the State Capitol to March for Life...ON A THURSDAY MORNING!" Said BOOTs! ✠ KM

Amazingly, according to those in attendance from the Order, there was no known disturbances or protests by abortion supporters.

"It was supposed to rain today!" said Greg Gilstrap AUX, "Instead God provided sunshine and warmth, a beautiful day, in order that His will be done!"

The Order wishes to thank Location Leader John Even KM and his wife Rebecca Even DM, Anne Park DM and David Park KM, Daniel Johnson KM, Mary & Greg Gilstrap AUX, BOOTs! ✠ KM Brian Bouterie KM and his volunteer brother from Sacramento, David Bouterie.

Of course Bishops John Patrick Dolan and Thomas Olmsted were featured!