This AUXILIARY weekend ...

So much going on! The Phoenix Location Auxiliary teamed up with the Members and Volunteers to serve so So SO Many lords! From homeless families at UMOM to hungry men and women at St. Vincent de Paul! PLUS Over 1,000 Order of Malta Wellness Kits were served from the OMMM Van!

Phillip Tirone, PROV2022, assisted the Auxiliary in planning the day-long events, and they responded by inviting family and friends to participate.

"It was family bonding at its best!" exclaimed BOOTs! ✠ PROV2022

Mr. Tirone insisted that all the lords wear name tags!

"These people are never called by their names; usually just 'hey' are 'you!'" Tirone continued: "You should have seen their faces when we said here's your meal, Ron! OR would you like a wellness kit, Patty!"

Of course we always employ the "3-S's"
We Pray in the Spirit
We Provide Service
We Play Socially!

Servers: John Even KM Location Leader, Phillip Tirone PROV2022, BOOTs! Brian Bouterie PROV2022 and AUXILIARY: Dr. Steve Williams DO AUX President, Kym Williams, David Guido, Bill Haley, Robert Jackson, Ty Tirone, Gloria Tirone, Michael Weiland, and scores of volunteers and family!