Thanks to so many generous Members, the Tuesday, February 16th Mardi Gras dinner was a joy-filled time for the 150 residents of Maple Street Shelter in Redwood City.

The purple, emerald and gold balloons arrived first. Then came the masks and beads, the Malta banners, followed by special clamshells, delicious pulled-pork sandwiches, red beans and rice, and a salad with tomatoes, avocados, and Remoulade dressing. Dixieland music played in the background, while attendees enjoyed sparkling cider and bread pudding with whipped cream.

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, 20 members spent 110 hours and $2,400 to provide the residents with a very special time.

When Dave Fencl dropped off his pulled pork, bread pudding, and special Remoulade dressing, he said,

It can’t be much fun social distancing in a shelter during a pandemic. I hope this event cheers them up.  They can pretend to be on Bourbon Street. This is going to be one flavorful feast for some very nice people.”

Gene Kates, delivering the individual bottles of sparkling cider, said, "I just wish we were invited to the party and could serve the residents in-person.”