The Orange Location has been asked to test a new ministry along with Los Angeles involving Palliative Care. It was developed by one of our Location members, Dr. Vincent Nguyen and chaired by Ann Sanders. As an adjunct to this and with continuing Covid issues keeping us so apart, it sparked an idea to reach out to the older members of our location through phone calls and a visitation program. It relates directly to the Palliative Care Ministry where members can become “certified” and call not only on members of the Order but also those in our individual parishes with various needs.

Since personal visits are are not appropriate at this time, Sherry Van Meter has been asked to set up a Phone Tree team to call these senior members and see how they are faring. The team will contact members who we have not seen in a while to inquire whether they are having any problems or needs; if they need a ride to our infrequent events, etc. The palliative care ministry includes these kind of contacts, both personal and phone, after the restrictions have been lifted.

For now, what is needed could simply be a very good chat to reconnect with a beloved member who may be somewhat isolated during this pandemic. This is good for all of us as we strive to maintain a tradition of the Order to take care of our own.

The Orange location is also going to follow the example of some other locations by beginning a monthly devotional mass on a Saturday morning followed by a casual social time with coffee and rolls. We feel the social hour is important as we need more time together to reconnect. We cannot get this started until restrictions are lifted; so we will begin with a virtual rosary in November perhaps adding a monthly rosary to a Mass down the road.

As we pray for an effective vaccine and an end to the Pandemic, the Orange Location will continue to develop new ideas and will share ideas with other locations so that we can all continue our work as effectively as possible given the circumstances in which we find ourselves.