Dear Malta Friends:

Christmas at Maple Street Shelter was truly magical this year for our homeless friends who are working so hard to get back on their feet.

Our decorating team had transformed the building just two days before, delayed because of a COVID scare. But the place really looked festive.

All the food was delicious, of course, with many delighted residents coming back for second helpings.

Our Malta crew thought we were in command but were surprised to see the spirit of Christmas just take over.

Fra' Carl Nolke would have loved the caroling. Isaac Stevenson, our wonderful singer, led the most exuberant Christmas carols ever

Those of us preparing to serve dessert were amazed at what we were hearing. We went to see. At one point, Isaac had a chorus of residents up front at the mic leading the singing. From a soft Silent Night to a boisterous Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the old dining room was vibrating. The residents were really engaged..

Without Joe Kraus or Brendan Walsh to play Santa, the Shelter manager, Robert Moltzen, enthusiastically took the part. He warmly called up the residents  by name to receive their stockings, each with miniature wreath, a personal Christmas greeting card from one of Santa’s elves and $100 Visa gift card. They were all so thankful.

The evening came to an end with our traditional “See’s surprise.” The residents laughed out loud to find that the little stickers the bottom of their dessert plates qualified each of them to receive a box of See’s chocolates.

All together 26 generous Malta members and 5 volunteers contributed 210 hours and $16,672 to make the event so wonderful for the residents.

Enjoy the pictures!

God Bless,