An anonymous passersby made note of the Phoenix Location OMMM Van, and dropped of a box of treasures. The package included vintage Order of Malta uniform parts including Malta epaulettes, boots with spurs, a bicorn Order of Malta plume hat, gloves, sword belt and books! Apparently, the donor had been storing this trove for years and didn't know what to do with it.

She claimed that she "just couldn't throw it away!" "When I saw your van," she offered, "I was confident that it would be going to the right home."

She couldn't be more correct! The items belonged to the very first Knight of Magisterial Grace in Arizona! Sir Rudolph Zepeda who had been a prestigious business leader and banker in mid-century Phoenix. See photo of article from 1965.

"We have a lot of material to go through!" exclaimed BOOTs! ✠ Brian Bouterie PROV2022. "I am marveling over the uniform pieces and I thumbed through some of the books! It's an historic gold mind."

BOOTs! ✠ found a book from 1981 that made note that Ken Olsen Sr. then VP of the WA. "We'll report more updates as we go through it."