Some Background..."Growing the Faith" is an Order of Malta Western Association program that includes 14 schools in 5 states. The purpose of the program is to serve Catholic school children in need and to share the Order with the next generation of Catholics. Each year the Knights, Dames, Provisional, and Auxilary members attend Mass, distribute rosaries, and visit the students and families of our partner schools. The partner school is gifted a grant by the Western Association to purchase needed materials to enrich student religious education!

Anne Park, DM & David Park, KM led the Growing the Faith Program in Phoenix for the 2nd straight year.  Anne and Dave made all of the arrangements with Catherine of Siena School and the Church to make this day come alive. They procured the funding, grant, bibles and rosaries PLUS arranged for the members of the Order to be present and deliver words of wisdom to the student body in regard to the Order of Malta and the Catholic Faith.

Gail Damico, DM and Pat Wilson, DM share what the Order of Malta is to the children. Quizzing the class, Dame Damico asked the students, "What do you think that the Order of Malta does?" One cleaver, little soul answered, "They defend the Catholic Faith!?". From the mouths of babes!

Brian Bouterie, Provisional Member, and David Park, KM spoke to the 8th grade students on the critical importance of prayer to our Order and power of prayer illustrated historically with Our Lady of the Rosary and her Victory at the Battle of Lepanto 451 years ago this October.

Of course the Order of Malta Mobile Ministries [OMMM] Van made an appearance. The Phoenix Location resolved to mandate that the OMMM be present for each and every work of the Order that we participate it.

"The sun shone brightly at St Catherine of Siena's today as Knights & Dames enjoyed Holy Mass ,Rosary Distribution and beautiful classroom visits." Anne Park DM Moderator of Growing the Faith Phoenix" - Anne Park, DM