The Knights and Dames of the Orange Location robed and processed for the funeral Mass of our beloved chaplain, Fr. John Janze, on May 12, 2022, which was celebrated by Bishop Kevin Vann and numerous priests of the Diocese of Orange. Although Fr. Janze passed on April 19, his funeral was delayed until our members returned from the Lourdes Pilgrimage.

Fr. John Janze was nominated as a Magistral Chaplain of the Order by Terrance Barry and Ken Tait, and was invested in 2009.

Fr. John was a faithful and dedicated Chaplain who celebrated many of the Location Masses, attended most of the regular Meetings and lunches, and hosted all of the Annual Half-Day member Retreats each August at his parish. He offered Mass at some of our work days, rarely missing the workday at Casa Teresa, where he said Mass for the young pregnant women.

Fr. Janze was a prudent man with a keen intellect that enabled him to provide clear and insightful spiritual direction. His famous wit served him well in Lourdes and elsewhere.

Although his health suffered a setback following his stroke in 2017, Fr. Janze was truly committed to the purpose and charism of the Lourdes Pilgrimage. He attended every pilgrimage from 2009-21. He nominated many sick persons for consideration as Malades, and he invited friends as volunteers, some of whom later became Knights and Dames.

In Lourdes, Fr. John became known for his plush pig named “Carpool,” who always went to Lourdes with him. Father would offer the little pig as a traveling companion for the day. The Malades invariably smiled in agreement. Every year Carpool spent a day in each “voiture” tucked next to or on the lap of the Malade. Children and adults alike enjoyed the soft little pig’s companionship. On this year’s pilgrimage, Fr. John and Carpool were conspicuously and sadly absent.

Fr was a quiet, humble, and unassuming gentleman who brought much joy to our beloved Malades and was always ready at the end of the day for a scoop of his favorite chocolate gelato.