"Our brotherhood will be everlasting, because the ground which this plant is rooted in, is the misery of the world - and because, God willing, there will always be people, who want to work towards the alleviation of these sufferings to make this misery more bearable." - Blessed Fra Gerard

On September 3, 1120, Fra' Gerard died in Jerusalem, founder and first Grand Master of the Order of Malta. His hospital guaranteed care to everyone, without distinction of origin and religion. For nine centuries members and volunteers of the Order of Malta have put into practice its ideals of faith and charity. Today this mission is more current than ever witnessed by the medical, social and humanitarian commitment in 120 countries around the world. Serving the sick and the needy is the gift that Fra' Gerard has left us and for which we remember him on this important anniversary.

September 3, 2020
900th anniversary of Blessed Gerard's death.